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Centre for Research and Documentation on Oceania

Aix-Marseille University, CNRS, EHESS, CREDO UMR 7308, 13003, Marseille, France


CREDO is a pluri-disciplinary centre for research and documentation specialized in Pacific Studies, in particular in anthropology, archaeology,history, ethnolinguistics and ethnomusicology.

Members of CREDO are staff of three institutions: the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences) and AMU (Aix-Marseille University).
CREDO staff teach and enrol students at all levels at the EHESS and at Aix-Marseille University.



Devastating cyclone in Fiji (sunday 21st February)
Simonne Pauwels whose fieldwork is Fiji, intends to bring a little help for the population
For more information: simonne@pacific-credo.fr

Visiting Scholars

► Dr Adrian Muckle (Senior Lecturer, Victoria University, New Zealand, School of History, Philosophy, Political Science & International Relations) : novembre 2015

Now at the lab

ARC "Music, Mobile Phones and Community Justice in Melanesia" 2015-2018
CREDO Monika Stern / Macquarie University
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Weekly Centre Seminar
The laboratory's weekly seminars are open to the public. You may attend without any prior notification.

A few ongoing projects

European Consortium for Pacific Studies)
is a multidisciplinary project designed to provide coordination and support to research on the Pacific region, in particular on climate change and related issues and processes.
Funder: European Union.

The LABEX (Laboratory of Excellence) for "Coral reefs in the face of global change" (CORAIL) has been set up in order to improve research into coral reefs, with a view to their sustainable management.

e-Toile Pacifique
(Network of francophone Pacific Studies)

Toolkit to Facilitate the Collaborative Documentation and Revaluation of Bio-Cultural Knowledge in Papua New Guinea
Funders: The Christensen Fund (US) 2014-2016
To co-design, test, and make available a simple, cheap, accessible documentation procedure and toolkit to encourage village people, local organizations, and schoolchildren in PNG to preserve and to better understand the on-going value of their bio-cultural heritage.
James Leach (CREDO), Giles Lane (Proboscis, London), Porer Nombo (Reite Village, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea)


Various projects are run (related to the laboratory's third theme "The epistemology of sources of knowledge"):
. ODSAS: Online Digital Sources and Annotation System
This is an archiving and on-line data manipulation platform developed by the CREDO. Some of the anthropological documents are accessible to the public website
the implementation of a web site dedicated to New Guinean resources, available on ODSAS, and funded by the consortium of ethnologists (HumaNum). The CREDO also hosts the web sites and archives of Allison and Marek Jablonko. The first of these relates to the Baruya, and the second to the Maring.
. The Pierre Adolphe Lesson Collection (website) and the Asia-Pacific Digital Archives (ADAP): digitization partnership agreements, signed between the Rochefort City Hall and the Rochefort Multimedia library.

this is a collaborative research contract (2012 - 2016)